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Fertilizers are chemical compounds used in agriculture to boost the quantity of nutrients in the soil and, consequently, achieve a gain in productivity. Nowadays they are widely used but usually have a negative impact on the enviromnent.

MIVENA's fertilizers allow one to minimize the impact on the enviromnent while not compromising with top notch quality.

With adequate solutions, using technologies for the study of soil and climate, culture type, MIVENA's maxim is to achieve the production of a "smart fertilizer". These fertilizers are distinguished by the slow or controlled release of nutrients, maximizing thus their result with less pollution.

We distribute fertilizes which are developed specifically for Golf Courses, public gardens, fruit and vegetable production, tree nurseries, bulbs and chrysanthemums.

With MIVENA you can find to obtain an optimal solution to achieve a maximum level of rentability with your cultures, with less enviromnental pollution.

MIVENA presents a fertilization program adapted to your specific needs after a study of the soil and culture type. MIVENA fertilizers are based in a technology that allows the slow and controlled liberation of nutrients, boosting productivity with less harm to nature