Industrial Cleaning & Hygiene

Ecocompositos has as one of its strategic business areas, the commercialization, development, distribution and maintenance of industrial cleaning & hygiene. We want to be your best business partner of your restaurant, auto-cleaning and detailing business, hotel, cleaning services, catering, etc. To reach this objective we've invested in:

  • An own nationwide robust and malleable logistical network to fit the needs of our customers.
  • In premium quality products so that you may obtain a maximum level of return on your investment and bring added-value to your business.
  • In the development of cleaning and maintenance plans personalized to each customer so that you may easily apply our solutions and control your expenditures.
  • In a comprehensive after-sale system that guarantees, training, maintenance and warranty of quality that characterizes us.

Please consult our Catalog below and get to know our range of products for industrial cleaning & hygiene. In case you wish to find out more about our products, please contact us for more information!

Ecolimp catalog
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