Ecocompósitos S.A. is the result of the merger of two companies, Algarplas, lda and Ecocompósitos, lda, having branches distributed through the centre, north and south of Portugal. It structures its activities in three areas, consumer, industry and green spaces. The company Algarplás, Lda, the parent company from which Ecocompositos S.A. arises from, had its beginnings in May 1985. At the time a small, local company, now it is a nationwide enterprise with several branches including offices, warehouses and logistical means distributed through Carregado, Faro and Porto, with a total surface area of over 20.000 square meters.

The structural rearrangement, the merger between Algarplás Lda. and Ecocompositos Lda  done at the 1st of January 2014, arose a public limited liability company with a capital stock of 2.500.000€ and more than 10.000.000€ in assets.

With the group's growth there has been a shift in its market presence, beginning in the general area of industrial products and adding later the consumer products as well as materials, consumables and equipment for agriculture. Ecocompósitos's current commercial structure had three pillars: ConsumerIndustry and Green spaces.

Regarding the area of consumer products, there has been a major investment in the water maintenance and pool supplies' business, notably through the brand Ecopool. The latter, is the flagship brand for the sector, representing the group's focus in providing products proved qualitative, technological and ecological properties. With several decades of experience operating in the market, it is a nationwide brand present in numerous establishments from north to south of the company.

In our Industry business area, Ecocompósitos deals in the commercialization of raw materials and products, for diverse industries, with emphasis to those of composites, polyurethanes and metallization, areas where it is a market leader. It represents, exclusively, the leading suppliers and brands for these industries, namely BASF, Akzo Nobel, DSM and Metallisation, among others.

Our mission is to create and develop innovative and safe products, act with integrity and transparency and to secure a maximum level of customer satisfaction, in constant partnership with clients and suppliers. Our attentive management in both financial and human resources allow us to ensure a promising future for all. For over 30 years we have been development our business with sustainability and growth through all measurable areas. 

More than simply engage in the commercialization of products, our goal is to offer solutions while allying our experience with state-of-the-art technology, with great respect for the safety of our products and their environmental impact.

Thank you for your preference,

Ecocompósitos S.A.