Management System & Quality Policy

Quality Management System

Ecocompósitos S.A., in its constant search for self-improvement, has implemented the quality management system norm ISO 9001 - QMS, being certified to abide by its tenets by the world leading certification, inspection, verification and analysis group, SGS - Société Générale de Surveillance S.A., with the objective of improving the internal organization of the company, increase the level of customer and employee satisfaction as well as facilitate the inward and outward communication channels of the group.

Striving for maximum customer satisfaction, we develop and perform internal audits in the diverse company departments; we collect data about our customer's opinions and evaluate their satisfaction with our work, keeping strict quality control system so that when you are working with us, you're making a good choice.

Quality Policy

Ecocompositos focuses its efforts on the commercialization and distribution of products and equipments in the areas of Industry, Consumer and Green Spaces. Directed by a culture of competency and organization, it seeks to attain its goals through a responsible behavior before customers, employees, suppliers and the society at large.

Thus, its activity seeks inspiration and is guided by the following principles:

  • Customer satisfaction, grounded in the quality of the distributed products, solutions and available services.
  • Customer attention, guaranteeing that each interaction is followed by a correct posture so as to reinforce good relationship and mutual trust;
  • Adequate, innovative and encompassing solutions, backed by the correct identification of the customer's needs and a narrow partnership with suppliers;
  • Safety, supported in good practices so as to guarantee that Clients, Consumers and Employees correctly employ and manipulate our products;
  • Sustainability, translated into a culture of excellence, in good management and qualified resources. Investing in sustainable economic growth and good financial management;
  • Fulfilment of the legal requirements, both those set by legislation and norms and those set by customers and internally;
  • Constant improvement of the efficiency of the management system, so as to sustain stable, long-lasting and responsible relationships with all stakeholders.