Ecocompósitos S.A. is the result of the merger of two companies, Algarplas, lda and Ecocompósitos, lda, having branches distributed through the centre, north and south of Portugal. It structures its activities in three areas, consumer, industry and green spaces.

QMS ISO 9001

ECOCOMPÓSITOS S.A., is a company certified to ISO 9001 QMS standards by the SGS GROUP

Ecocompósitos S.A., in its constant search for self-improvement, has implemented the quality management system norm ISO 9001 - QMS, being certified to abide by its tenets by the world leading certification, inspection, verification and analysis group, SGS - Société Générale de Surveillance S.A., with the objective of improving the internal organization of the company, increase the level of customer and employee satisfaction as well as facilitate the inward and outward communication channels of the group.

SGS ISO 9001

Who we are


Ecocompósitos S.A. group

Ecocompósitos S.A. is the leading company in the sale of water treatment and pool maintenance products in Portugal, where it creates, markets and distributes its products through an array of owned and registered brands, notably Ecopool.

Also, it maintains an important market position in the commercialization of polyurethanes, composites, zinc and metallization equipment, professional hygiene, fertilizers, compost, agricultural plastics and much more through its network of partners and exclusive representations.


To act responsibly and concertedly, in order to provide:

  • Well-being to people at large, making them happier;
  • Wealth to shareholders and employees, guaranteeing its fair and balanced distribution;
  • Solid partnerships with both clients and suppliers;
  • Adequate solutions for customers, particularly when it pertains to our consumer, industry and green spaces business areas.
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PME Excelência 2022 Awardee

Since 2010 that Ecocompósitos S.A. has been nominated by IAPMEI (Institute of Support to Small and Medium Enterprises and Innovation) as PME Excelência, a seal of reputation that allows it to stand out from others and guaranteeing trust and confidence before clients and partners.